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Why join a group action to claim data breach compensation?

Hold organisations to account for failing to protect your private information.


Receive financial compensation for your losses.


Force organisations to implement better data security & processes.

Our Group Actions

Man walking through hotel lobby with suitcase and looking at his phone

Chedi Hotel

Guests at the Chedi Muscat are at risk following a ransomware attack
You might not know that you are affected. But if you are, you could be due compensation.

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The Dixons Carphone Warehouse data breach resulted in 10 million customer records being accessed from Currys PC World and Dixons Travel stores.

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The DVLA makes money selling the names and addresses of registered vehicle owners to private parking companies so they can issue fines. If you have been issued with a parking charge notice you could be affected and due compensation.

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Easyjet data breach


In 2020, EasyJet admitted that, as well as the personal details of nine million customers, over 2,000 passengers had their credit card details accessed by hackers.

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In 2017, poor security processes at Equifax led to a huge data breach. The ICO has since fined Equifax £500,000 and people who have been affected by the breach can register to make a compensation claim.

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In August 2019, over 750 annual benefit statements were sent to the wrong postal addresses. These statements were for police officers of Sussex Police.
Equiniti, a company that provides support, communications and technology platforms to help manage company pensions, was responsible for distributing these statements.

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In January 2021, London-based estate agent Foxtons discovered that it had experienced a huge data breach. But, despite an investigation finding 16,000 card details, addresses and correspondence related to this breach on the dark web, Foxtons did not tell its customers that criminals had accessed and exposed their data.

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Greater Manchester Police

The personal details of victims of crime in Greater Manchester have been put online by mistake.

The data breach affects victims of sexual abuse, witnesses and people reporting crime. According to the Force, no informant details were breached.

Thousands of people are thought to be affected.

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Hackney Council

Hackney Council was sit by a serious cyberattack that affected most of its services. If you think you may have lost data in this incident, contact Keller Lenkner and we will help you to investigate that loss.

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Hammersmith Medicines Research

The Maze ransomware group attacked the computer systems of Hammersmith Medicines Research (HMR) – a company which performs early clinical trials of drugs and vaccines. The criminal group had previously promised not to attack medical organisations during the coronavirus outbreak.

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LinkedIn has suffered a massive data breach affecting 700 million people. In total, 92% of LinkedIn users are reportedly affected by this breach. The stolen data includes salary information.

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Fintech startup LOQBOX – a company that helps people to improve their credit ratings – suffered a cyber-attack in February 2020. As well as personal data, some financial information was also breached.

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National Trust

The National Trust has issued a data breach alert after a cyberattack on cloud computing company Blackbaud. Blackbaud provides software to the National Trust. The National Trust confirmed that data about its volunteering and fundraising communities has been compromised. Its 5.6 million members are not though to be at risk.

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Police Federation

In 2019, The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) suffered a severe data breach following a ransomware cyber-attack hit the PFEW headquarters. Around 120,000 current and former officers are affected.

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Special Forces

In June 2021 it was revealed that over 100 special forces troops were publicly identified in an email security breach. Given that the names of those in special forces units are strictly protected, this is a severe breach that could have serious repercussions on UK intelligence and those whose data has been revealed.

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In November 2019, T-Mobile suffered a severe data breach. Over a million pre-paid customers are believed to be affected. T-Mobile was very unforthcoming about the data hack and did not provide additional information at the time of the breach.

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In June 2018, Ticketmaster admitted to a huge data breach. The breach happened after a supplier to Ticketmaster was infected with malicious software while having access to the Ticketmaster website. The Ticketmaster data breach affects up to 40,000 people.

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Transform Hospital Group

In December 2020, UK cosmetic surgery provider Transform Hospital Group Ltd., also known as The Hospital Group, admitted that it had been hit by a ransomware data security attack. This incident resulted in the theft of extremely sensitive customer data.

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Why use Keller Lenkner UK to make a claim?

We are one of the most experienced multi-claimant law firms in the UK.

We represent clients in group actions and individual cases with innovation, resources, and expertise.

We work with expert barristers to ensure you get the very best level of legal support available.

We have all the resources and global expertise necessary to take on complicated cases and win.

We have offices in Chancery Lane, London and Liverpool City Centre, and the technology to provide a nationwide service.

We use technology to deliver a better legal experience to our clients.

We work on a no-win, no-fee basis.

We make the process straightforward and hassle-free.

What can you claim for?

While each case is judged on its own merits, there are some things we would typically look for when it comes to when claiming compensation following a data breach, cybercrime or other GDPR violation:

Financial loses

With stolen data, cybercriminals can make purchases using your bank and credit cards, apply for credit in your name, set up fraudulent bank accounts and access your existing online accounts.


GDPR failures, cybercrime and data breaches can have a significant impact on you, both mentally and physically. They can cause or exacerbate anxiety, stress and other psychological conditions.

Loss of privacy

Your data has value, and organisations must be held to account if they fail to protect your right to data privacy or otherwise do not uphold your GDPR rights.

Latest news

Another Afghan MoD data breach uncovered

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) experienced a severe data breach that could put the lives of Afghan interpreters and their families at risk. Following this shocking data privacy failure, the MoD has experienced another data breach; this time potentially compromising the safety of Afghans who may be eligible to relocate to the UK.

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