What do we know about the Simplify conveyancing security breach?

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On 7 November 2021, Simplify Group, a company that provides conveyancing services to several leading agencies, experienced a ‘major security breach’. Simplify was forced to take down many of its online systems after the incident- thought to be a cyber-attack. As a result, sellers and buyers across the UK were left in conveyancing chaos as they could not proceed or complete their transactions.

Simplify’s did not restore its systems until 15 November. However, many customers were still not back on track. As of 19 November, Simplify had still not caught up on all affected transactions.

People have suffered due to the Simplify conveyancing security breach

Moving home is already a stressful and emotional experience, and the additional anxiety and anguish caused by this breach add to the distress. In addition, because they have been unable to proceed with their sale/purchase, many of those affected had to find unexpected storage for possessions and temporary accommodation. As a result, they have lost out financially.

The knock-on effect of the Simplify conveyancing security breach

Multiple conveyancing firms have been affected by the breach. These include Premier Property Lawyers, JS Law, DC Law, and Advantage Property Lawyers.

One in five property transactions in the UK are thought to use these companies, so most UK property chains will have at least one party using Simplify.

Was buyer/seller data exposed in the breach?

It is not yet confirmed what customer data was compromised in the cyberattack. The breach is the subject of an ‘ongoing criminal investigation’.

Simply has confirmed a ‘major security breach’. It has reassured customers that “all money held by us is safe and is held in an entirely separate system unaffected by the incident.”

However, as we have already established, the emotional distress and financial losses suffered by this incident could be significant.

Is Simplify responsible for the security incident?

Cybercriminals are thought to be behind this attack. However, organisations that handle sensitive customer data have a legal responsibility to keep it safe. If Simplify did not have adequate protections to protect its systems from cybercriminals, it must be held to account.

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