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FAQs about sports performance data mis-use

What is the problem with sports performance data use?

You own your personal data and have a right to compensation if you haven't given your consent for it to be used. Especially if you are losing out financially or being harmed as a result.

How would I know if my performance data was being misused?

Most clubs pay technology companies to gather data and provide analytics on their players. Your coach might have gone through this data with you and provided updates on your performance and stats. If you are unsure if your data has been misused, we can find this out for you.

How do I stop my data from being misused?

If you appoint us as your data protection solicitors, we will find out who is using your data without your consent and issue cease and desist notices to stop this from happening.

FAQs about claiming with Keller Lenkner UK

How much will it cost me to claim with Keller Lenkner UK?

There are no costs to sign up, and if you lose your claim, you won't pay us a penny. If your claim is successful, you will have to pay a 'success fee' from the compensation awarded to you. We make sure you are fully informed about any potential costs before signing.

How much compensation will I get?

We can’t say for sure as every case is different. But in some cases, it could be as much as £5,000 – £20,000.

Can I keep my case secret?

If your case goes to court, it is unlikely to remain secret. High Court documents are public, and there is likely to be media interest. However, you can use this opportunity to help raise awareness of sports performance data misuse and champion others to come forward.

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Most players are not aware that their personal data is being processed and monetised, or that they are losing out financially as a result.

Contact us if you are concerned that someone else might be making money from your data.

Sports data claims on behalf of clubs and advisers

If you are a club or professional adviser worried about the misuse of the personal data of your players or clients, you have an obligation to help them correct the situation.

Contact our expert lawyers to discuss a club sports data claim

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No-win, No-fee Sports Data Claims

Keller Lenkner UK acts on a strict no-win, no-fee basis. As our client, you will not pay us anything upfront.

If we win your case, a portion of the damages awarded to you will cover our costs and expenses. We charge this fee to cover the work done on your behalf by our expert litigation lawyers.

There are no hidden costs or expenses.

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