Making a Simplify data breach claim with Keller Lenkner UK

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Keller Lenkner UK is launching a group action compensation claim after Simplify experienced a ‘major security breach’, thought to be a cyberattack. Multiple conveyancing firms were affected including Premier Property Lawyers, JS Law, DC Law, and Advantage Property Lawyers. 

Following the data failure, many buyers and sellers were keen to hold Simplify to account, and they contacted Keller Lenkner UK to help them do this. However, others were reluctant to start legal action while their transactions were ongoing. But now that these sales/purchases have finally concluded, we have seen an increase in queries asking us if it is too late to join our action.  The answer is no!   

While there are time limits to making a data breach claim, our action is still in the early stages, and it is not too late to join.  

What happened in the Simplify data breach?

Simplify’s failure to protect its data from criminals left sellers and buyers across the UK unable to proceed with or complete their conveyancing transactions. Our claim will seek to recover any financial losses suffered. We also understand that the data security failure caused significant levels of stress, anxiety, and anguish for many of those involved. As a result, if the breach triggered or exacerbated any mental health conditions, we will also add this our clients’ claims.   

In our experience, data security incidents of this scale usually uncover a catalogue of security errors within a company. And, in this case, whether personal data was exposed or not, people have already experienced financial losses and mental distress. We passionately believe that something must be done to make companies guilty of such failures take responsibility, compensate victims, and implement adequate data security measures in future.  

Why choose Keller Lenkner UK?

A consumer champion law firm, Keller Lenkner UK represents clients who have had their rights ignored in a range of data breach, employment, mis-selling and other consumer litigation. And, when it comes to getting justice for our clients against big companies, we don’t just even the score, we take the fight to them. We do not have a conveyancing department, so we have no conflict of interest in this case.   

Our expert data breach lawyers are proud of the work we do when it comes to upholding individual data protection rights. Crucially, because we offer no-win, no-fee funding arrangements, victims of the Simplify security failure can benefit from our expert legal support without having to worry about costs. 

Organisations like to sweep data breaches and other GDPR violations under the carpet, and, as a consumer champion law firm, we can’t let that happen. But we would never make a claim without first investigating a breach and making sure that the company involved was in some way responsible.  

We are currently looking into what happened at Simplify to establish if poor data processes made the cyberattack possible.  Those affected by the Simplify breach can register with us, and we’ll keep them updated as any information comes to light. We only ever start a claim once we have a reasonable assumption that the business involved failed to meet its legal obligations.  


Contact Keller Lenkner to discuss a data breach claim.

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