It is not too late to join our Ticketmaster group action claim

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In 2018, a huge data protection failure at Ticketmaster put the personal and financial information of thousands of UK customers at risk.

The data protection breach happened after Inbenta Technologies, which provided a chatbot on Ticketmaster’s website, changed its code to meet Ticketmaster’s requirements. Ticketmaster used this code (without Ibenta’s knowledge) on its payments page, and hackers managed to modify the script to extract payment information and user information. The breach affected customers of Ticketmaster, TicketWeb, and the resale website Get Me In!

What is happening in the Ticketmaster data breach case?

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) investigated the Ticketmaster data breach and fined the company £1.25 million for failing to protect its customers’ payment details.

As well as the initial breach, the ICO looked at why there was a delay in identifying the source of the suggested fraudulent activity, as it was revealed that some UK banks knew about the incident long before the breach was made public. This delay meant that victims were exposed for longer than necessary. 

Many customers of the Ticketmaster data breach became the victim of theft. In total, 60,000 payment cards belonging to Barclays Bank customers were subjected to known fraud, and Monzo Bank replaced another 6,000 cards on suspicion of fraudulent use. This highlights how devastating a data breach can be – and that is before we consider the emotional implications. Indeed, following the hack, Ticketmaster received 997 complaints relating to financial loss and/or emotional distress.

The impact of the Ticketmaster data breach

A data breach can result in both financial and/or identity theft. And the result of either of these can be devastating. With enough information, cybercriminals can apply for credit in your name, set up fraudulent bank accounts and access your existing accounts. And it does not matter if there is no evidence that the data has been used to carry out identity theft or financial fraud. If the data breach has caused you stress or anxiety, then you could be due compensation.

Nine months after the Ticketmaster data breach, we discovered that:

  • 63% of all our clients have suffered multiple fraudulent transactions on their payment cards
  • 31% of all clients involved in this case suffered from distress and/or psychological trauma.

What’s more, the impact and costs people sustain following a data breach are not always immediately apparent. We are seeing cases where the losses incurred as a direct result of the Ticketmaster data breach are only starting to become clear. This is because data stolen is often used in batches over time.

Is it too late to make a Ticketmaster data breach claim?

It is not too late to make a claim. At Keller Lenkner UK, we are undertaking a group action to claim data breach compensation for customers of Ticketmaster. Our first group action against Ticketmaster on behalf of thousands of affected customers is currently at an advanced stage of a High Court action.  But, because of the number of people affected by the Ticketmaster data breach, we are now registering people who want to join a second wave of claimants.

What happens if you join our no-win, no-fee group action?

Once you register with us, we will be in touch to find out more about how the breach affected you. We will then progress your claim once our first group action has been decided in court.

In many cases, where a data breach occurs, you will not be the only person making a claim. In such circumstances, it is worth joining a group action data breach claim. Group actions can be a powerful tool and can have a bigger impact than a single claim. In short, it gives us strength in numbers.

Make a Ticketmaster data breach compensation claim with Keller Lenkner UK

At the time of the ICO fine, Keller Lenkner UK was the only law firm actively litigating the Ticketmaster data breach case. This means we have more experience and understanding of this case than any other law firm. We are acting on behalf of thousands of affected customers with the effects of the breach causing actual, and potential, financial harm, and psychological damage. And we will use this experience to help you win.

Ticketmaster has informed those affected by the data breach. So, if you have been contacted, we would urge you to let us know and start a data protection compensation claim.

Contact Keller Lenkner UK’s expert data breach lawyers to discuss the Ticketmaster data breach.

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