Do you know who is making money from your sports performance data?

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If you are a professional sportsman or sportswoman, your data could be being used illegally. And you could be losing money as a result. Protecting the rights of athletes, if your personal information has been used in ways you did not agree to, we can help you get compensation.

What is this claim about?

Technology is being used to help sportspeople reach their full potential. Everything from overall health, performance during training and live events, to sleep and diet is measured.

  • Performance data such as runs, passes, accuracy, speed, jump height, distance, cards, throw-ins, goals scored, and more is carefully analysed.
  • Biometric data via wearable tech tracks athletes heart rates, sweat rates, sleep rhythms, oxygen stats, blood pressure etc.
  • Medical data is captured via physio reports and club doctor reports.

Athletes, clubs, and sports teams understand that analytics can improve their chances of winning, and most are happy to have their data used to benefit their individual and team performance. But, if you are a professional athlete, your information could be being exploited in ways you don’t know about and have not agreed to.

For example, the UK sports betting and gaming industries are worth several billions of pounds annually and depend heavily on sportsmen and sportswomen’s data. These third parties could be using your data for commercial gain without you receiving a penny. This is a lost opportunity for you to own your data and make a profit from it.

In addition, inaccurate or illegally shared information could damage your value, your transfer opportunities, and your career options.

You own the rights to your data!

By using your information in ways that contravene the data protection laws, companies are breaking the law. Protecting the rights of athletes, if your personal information has been used in ways you did not agree to, we can help you get no-win, no-fee compensation.

This is not about penalising clubs, who are within their rights to use personal data if they do so under the rules of the GDPR. This it is about what happens to player data once it arrives at the sports data companies, and where it goes and how it is used after that.

Most players are not aware that their personal data is being processed and monetised, or that they are losing out financially as a result. Contact us if you are concerned that someone else might be making money from your data.

Contact Keller Lenkner to discuss a sports data GDPR violation.

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