DivideBuy facing legal action after data breach

Data breach claim
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DivideBuy, an interest free credit provider that offers an accessible form of finance to business and individuals, is the latest fintech company facing legal action after the business failed to protect its customer data.

In a letter sent to customers in March, DivideBuy said:

“Unfortunately, I am writing to you to let you know that earlier this week we discovered that DivideBuy and its customers (including you) have been the victims of a cyber incident, which involved some of your personal data being accessed. I wanted to write to you as soon as I could, to let you know what we have discovered so far, and how we are going to protect you against any consequences of this attack.

Details of the Data Breach

In the last few days, since becoming aware of the incident, we have been working hard, together with external specialists, to make sure that all data is secure and that an attack of this kind cannot happen again.

We have also established that within the information that was accessed it may be possible to identify:


Date of Birth


Telephone Number

Email address

Associated Alias

Although some credit report information was also contained within the material that was accessed, this was not stored in a readable format and so is not likely to be able to be used by the person or persons who accessed it.”

Can I make a DivideBuy data breach claim?

Keller Lenkner UK is currently representing affected DivideBuy customers taking legal action for the breach of their personal data. With concerns that the data may not have been adequately encrypted, if you have suffered a loss or experienced distress due to this privacy violation, our expert data breach lawyers can help.

If Divide Buy has contacted you about this data breach you may be eligible for compensation.

Contact Keller Lenkner UK’s expert data breach lawyers to discuss a data breach claim.

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