Our agreement with you

What we'll do for you

What we'll do for you

We will provide our legal services to you in relation to this claim. If necessary, this will include taking the matter to Court to recover your losses.

In this case, we are prepared to act under a Conditional Fee Agreement (otherwise known as a no-win, no-fee agreement). This means, if your claim is not successful, you do not have to pay us any fees. We take out insurance to protect you from legal fees in such circumstances.

If your claim is successful, you do not have to pay us any fees other than our agreed success fee (see next page). We will recover all other costs incurred in dealing with your claim from the defendant.

You can find more information about no win no fee claims here.

This agreement is subject to you complying with your obligations which are set out in our terms and conditions. By signing our legal documents, including our Form of Authority, you agree that we will pursue your claim on such a basis, and that you have no other funding* or insurance available to you to progress your claim.

At this stage, we have assessed your case and believe that you have a reasonable chance of success. But, as with all litigation, there are risks of the claim being unsuccessful.


*This does not mean that you have no money available to you, but that you have not agreed legal funding with anyone else in relation to this claim.