Can you claim data protection breach compensation from TeamSport Indoor Karting?

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A data breach at TeamSport Indoor Karting put the personal and financial information of its former employees at risk. In a letter to former employees, the company said:

I wanted to write to you to inform you of an incident that occurred on Friday 22nd March, involving some personal data we hold about you as a result of your previous employment with us.

Unfortunately a file was released in error by email containing personal details about you. The file included your name, title, National Insurance Number, Leaving Date, Student Loan Deductions (if relevant), Tax Code, Earnings to Date and Tax paid to date if you left in the current tax year.

The error was spotted very promptly, and the recipient of the file immediately and permanently deleted it and did not disclose it to any other party. We are confident that although there was a breach of your data in the original erroneous release, that there is very little chance of harm to you due to the prompt detection and permanent deletion.

We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy around the data we hold about you. I am very sorry that in this instance we did not keep your data as safe as we would have both expected. We are fully investigating how the incident occurred.

We have also informed the U.K. regulatory authority for data protection the I.C.O about this incident. Further information about the I.C.O and your rights to data protection and privacy can be found at https://ico.org.uk/.

I understand the concern that my letter may have caused you. However please be assured that we consider the risk involved to you as a result of this incident to be negligible.”

Data protection breach compensation


In today’s digital world, your personal data is a valuable commodity. However, all too often negligent business processes, human error and cybercrime mean this sensitive data isn’t as protected as it should be.

If you have suffered because an organisation breached any part of the Data Protection Act, you have a right to claim compensation.

Is the risk  “negligible”?


While TeamSport says that it considers the risk involved to those affected by the data breach to be negligible, this may not be the case.

In many data breach cases, it can take months for the full implications and losses to become apparent. What’s more, simply knowing that your details have been exposed can lead to anxiety and distress.

At the very least we would expect the investigation by the ICO to reveal its findings before TeamSport Indoor Karting could confidently make such a claim.


Holding organisations to account could be the only way to ensure they take your security seriously

In most cases, data breaches happen because of a failure to implement reasonable and robust processes. So claiming compensation isn’t just in your best interests, it is often the only way organisations will be persuaded to take their responsibilities seriously, and make the necessary improvements.

The sheer scale of the information we share with organisations is enough to leave us all open to the threat of fraud, anxiety and stress. So it’s no surprise that we are worried about what could happen if this data gets into the wrong hands. As such, something has to be done to make companies accountable for any harm done.


Join our TeamSport data breach group action 


By now TeamSport should have contacted those who have been affected. If you have received this letter you may be able to claim compensation once the matter has been investigated.

Our expert data breach lawyers have received many enquiries from people who are worried about what could happen now that their personal and financial information has been exposed.  In response, we have launched a TeamSport data breach group action.

To find out about your legal rights, contact us today.

Resister to join our TeamSport data breach group action.

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