BA faces huge data breach claim and it’s not too late for you to join

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In 2020, the UK’s data protection regulator – the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) – fined British Airways (BA) £20 million for failing to protect customer data. As a result of BA’s poor data security, cybercriminals were able to steal the personal details and bank cards of almost 400,000 people.

Following the ICO fine announcement, thousands of BA customers across the UK signed up to a group privacy claim to get compensation for their losses. This case is now set to be the biggest ever multi-claimant action of this type in the UK.

What happened in this case?

In 2018, hackers accessed the BA website and mobile app to steal information including card details, addresses, email addresses and travel arrangements. According to an ICO investigation, cybercriminals diverted some passengers to a fake website where hackers harvested further details. As a result of this breach, many customers were forced to change their bank accounts or credit cards while others experienced theft, fraud, and emotional damage.

How much compensation are victims of the BA data breach likely to get?

It is impossible to say precisely how much each person will be awarded – either via settlement or at Court. However, in our experience, and looking at similar cases, compensation of around £2,000 per claimant (on average) seems likely. In total, British Airways could be made to pay over £800 million in compensation if everyone affected by the breach joined the action.

How soon will this case be settled?

According to various media reports, British Airways has shown willingness to settle these claims, and avoid Court. But this does not mean that a pay-out is imminent.

The Court-mandated deadline to join the BA action ends in April 2021, and it is unlikely that BA will make any settlement before then. Nevertheless, if your data was involved in the British Airways data breach, we encourage you to join the BA group action ASAP to ensure you do not miss out on your chance of compensation.

Our data protection lawyers are already gathering evidence to give our clients the best possible chance of success, and we are using the findings uncovered by the ICO to make the strongest possible case.

Why use Keller Lenkner UK?

At Keller Lenkner UK, our data breach lawyers have supported thousands of multi-claimant and group-action data breach clients, and we can do the same for you.

Crucially, our data breach and cybercrime specialists are some of the best in the business, and we lead the way when it comes to understanding the complexities of data protection law. Furthermore, our team of data protection experts is led by Kingsley Hayes – arguably the UK’s foremost data breach solicitor.

In addition, we have the experience to hold BA to account. Experts in multi-claimant actions, we are at an advanced stage of a similar group claim against Ticketmaster on behalf of thousands of affected customers. Keller Lenkner UK is the only law firm actively litigating this case in the UK at this time.

When it comes to claiming compensation, a lack of care and understanding about data breach law can leave victims open to advice and representation below the standard expected. And this could see you lose out financially as a result.

Hold British Airways to account

Without joining a group action, hundreds of thousands of people could miss out on the compensation they deserve. So it is important to sign up to our no win- no fee BA group action today.

We can even take on your case if you have started a British Airways data breach claim with another solicitor. We are often contacted by people who have signed with another firm, but who want to join our group actions instead. If you want to use a more experienced solicitor, please contact us. We are still taking on new clients, and it is easy to make the switch.

To join our British Airways data breach group action compensation claim, register with us today.

Contact Keller Lenkner UK’s expert data breach lawyers to discuss the British Airways data breach.

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